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Turf is everywhere…commercial areas, medians, common areas, kids play areas, parks, athletic fields, front yards and back yards all over town.   City planning commissions, water districts, architects, schools, municipalities, landscape contractors, property managers and home owners alike are educating themselves on the values of synthetic turf.


Here are the top reasons why Synthetic Turf, or Artificial Grass, as it is often called, is a two billion dollar a year industry and growing.

A great way to make your yard look beautiful and reduce costs is to mix drought tolerant native plants with Turf Group Synthetic Grass.  Look at our photos to see examples of how these drought tolerant plants are being used as a back drop with Synthetic Grass.  Contact us for a list of landscape architects who can help design a look like this for you!!!

If you have any questions about turf visit our FAQ sheet here.  For additional questions or comments Contact Us.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions regarding synthetic turf:

download-reportQ:  Why Turf Group?

A:  We have some of the best quality products on the market at great prices.  Judge for yourself, order samples and compare our products with any on the market today!!

Q:  Does Turf Group install synthetic turf?

A: No!  We are a wholesale distributor of synthetic turf products.  We do have a network of installers who we can refer as qualified subcontractors who will install jobs for you. We can provide you with installation guidelines and training if you choose.  Pricing is very competitive.

Q:  Are Turf Group’s products safe for the environment?

A:  Yes!! Our products are environmentally friendly.  We can provide you all the specs and MSD Sheets and testing for our products.

Q:  Does the synthetic turf get warm?

A:  Depending on the type of infill used the temperature of the turf will vary on warm days.  Some infill products do not transfer heat like rubber products do and can help to keep the turf cooler. Contact us for more information about these products.

Q: How do I clean my turf?

A: Rinse with water when needed. Pick up solid waste or residues then spray clean it. Many commonly used household cleaners work great in cleaning turf.

Q:  Do I have choices on the level of sheen on the turf?

A:  Yes, Not all turf has the same level of sheen.  Some manufacturers make turf with a low sheen fiber. Ask us about your options.

Q:  How long does it take to get my turf once I order it?

A: We are based in Agoura Hills Ca.  In most cases it can be picked up the same day at our warehouse.  We can also have it delivered to you.

Q:  How does the product drain?

A:  Some of our products have perforated backings which is the industry standard.  Others have permeable backings where the water drains right through.

cotnact-usQ:  How should turf be maintained?

A:  Turf should be rinsed and brushed up when needed depending on usage.  Higher traffic areas will need this done more often. A stiff broom will work.  The amount of infill should be maintained per the manufacturer’s recommendations. We recommend offering a couple of maintenance visits (1 every 6 months or annually) after the job is installed as a service provided to our clients.

Q: Is turf good for my pets?

A:  Yes!  Pet waste won’t damage the fiber or stain it. And you won’t have those common brown spots most lawn owners with pets have.

Q: What is the difference between qualities of turf?

A:  Turf is commonly judged on face weight ( a 40- 50 oz product has less fiber per sq. ft. than say an 80 oz. face weight ) A heavier face weight product will also appear fuller and more plush than a lighter face weight product. Face weight is often confused with total product weight.

Q: What if I have additional questions you haven’t answered?

A: Call us or email us anytime. We will get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to working with you on your next turf project!!

Q: How about rebate programs?

A: Check with your local water district to find out the latest information on the rebate programs. Not all cities offer rebates and the programs are first come first serve. The amount changes all the time but has been around .30 – $ 1.00 in most cases for removal of natural grass.


Our Synthetic Grass Products

Residential and Commercial Landscape

cotnact-usIf you haven’t seen artificial grass in the last year or so it’s a good chance that artificial grass is installed someplace you go regularly and you have mistaken it for real grass. Our landscape turf is long, soft and plush and designed to truly replicate real grass in color, style and performance. Some of our best selling products have a mix of green and earth tone color in them which makes them appear even more authentic.

Landscape turf is generally compared by face weight. Most landscape turfs are between 50 – 80 ounces of face weight per square yard. However, a 50 ounce face weight can also be a 70 ounce per square yard in total product weight. Be sure when comparing turf that you are talking about face weight vs. overall product weight.

A heavier face weight means more fiber. The turf is fuller and will perform better over time. It is important to consider the type and amount of usage your turf will be getting before buying a product that is insufficient for your needs or excessive. Most importantly, be sure to lay a sample in your yard to get a better idea of how it will look with your landscape. Discuss the contour of the landscape and base options prior to installation for the best appearance and most natural look.


Dual Forest Green/Olive Green Fiber with Green/Brown Thatch

Carmel 82: Weight: 82 oz. – Length: 2 1/8 inches
Carmel 65: Weight: 65 oz. – Length: 1 5/8 inches
Carmel 50: Weight: 50 oz. – Length: 1 1/2 inches



Most of our products are primarily different shades of green.  Mammoth was created with the idea in mind that people love grass and want something that has that same natural look.  Together the full length green and tan fibers almost replicate the true look of real grass.

Mammoth 80: Weight: 80 oz. – Length: 1 5/8 inches


Dual Forest Green/Spring Green Fiber with Green/Brown Thatch

Monterey 82: Weight: 82 oz. – Length: 2 1/8 inches
Monterey 65: Weight: 65 oz. – Length: 1 5/8 inches

cotnact-usPutting Greens

Eagle Putt

Putting Green: Weight: 40 oz. – Length: 5/8 inches

Installing a putting green is typically more expensive than landscape grass because there is a lot more work involved creating the base under your turf. The installer will take into account the shape, slope and consistency to ensure a smooth roll like a PGA green.

Turf for Pets

Our Turf for Pets is made of a non-absorbent polyethylene fiber. It won’t discolor or breakdown from pet waste. This is why it is specifically used for this application. Along with the proper infill (an antimicrobial coated sand infill and pet deodorizer) you are sure to have a beautiful lush green lawn and man’s best friend too. You won’t have any more worries about unsightly brown spots. All you need to do is pick up the droppings and wash any remaining waste through the turf. It’s that easy.


Turf for Playgrounds

Synthetic Turf is a great way to protect little ones who might take more risks then parents like us would like. A 1” playground pad underneath the proper turf for a fall height of up to 6’ is generally recommended by groups like IPEMA (International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association). A higher fall height would need additional padding. This is only part of what is required. By taking all the steps needed and using the right turf and infill, a playground structure can become certified. This makes for a very safe place to play which is great for a home, daycare facility, playground or school.

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