Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions regarding synthetic turf:

Q:  Why Turf Group?
  We are a family owned and operated company, focusing on quality and serving the needs of our community. We have some of the highest quality products on the market at great prices.  You can judge for yourself. Order some samples and compare our products with others available in the market today.

Q: What types of products do you offer?
A: We offer residential and commercial synthetic grass as well as indoor training products for multi-use and soccer, tee line products for golf course and driving ranges, putting greens, outdoor athletic field products and school playground facilities. We also offer all of the accessories you might need, including sand, nails and infill products.

Q:  Are Turf Group’s products safe for the environment?
A:  Yes. Our products are environmentally friendly.  We can provide you all the specs and MSD Sheets and testing for our products.

Q:  Does the synthetic turf get warm?
A:  Many of the fibers used in our turf products are shaped fibers. Shaped fibers refract heat differently and can reduce temperature readings. Additives are also being put in today’s turf fibers that help to reduce temperature. Depending on the type of infill used the temperature of the turf will vary on warm days.  Some infill products like our TG Fresh do not transfer heat like rubber and sand products do and can help to keep the turf cooler. Contact us for more information about these products.

Q: How do I clean my turf?
A: Rinse with water when needed. Pick up solid waste or residues then spray clean it. Many commonly used household cleaners work great in cleaning turf.

Q:  Do I have choices on the level of sheen on the turf?
A:  Yes. Not all turf has the same level of sheen.  Some manufacturers make turf with a low sheen fiber. Ask us about your options.

Q:  How long does it take to get my turf once I order it?
A: We are based in Canoga Park, California.  In most cases it can be picked up the same day at our warehouse.  We can also have it delivered to you.

Q:  How does the product drain?
A:  Some of our products have perforated backings which is the industry standard.  Others have permeable backings where the water drains right through. Our turf drains at a rate of 6 inches of water per hour or more.

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